A Colorful Universe

A Colorful Universe offers Art Classes for all skill levels. If you are interested in making step by step Fused Glass, Clay and/or taking a Canvas class with one of our instructors, make your reservations today! Each student will learn new techniques and skills that they can apply each week. Students will complete one project per class.

After School Classes from


$20 per class


Thursday (Canvas)

 Tuesday: Warm Fused Glass

(not applicable for the month of September due to store hours)

At its simplest, glass fusing is a process in which formulated compatible* glass is assembled and then melted/fused together in a kiln. The illustration to the right breaks down the basic steps required to make a colorful geometric dish by simply cutting and stacking blocks of transparent & opalescent color onto a glass base.


Wednesday: Sculptural Clay/Wheel

(not applicable for the month of September due to store hours)

 Sculptural clay: The most easily recognized form of sculpting is clay modeling, that is, the creation of a 3-dimensional piece of art typically using some type of clay. Here at A Colorful Universe, we use low fire clay. Each creation requires 5-7 days to air dry and then will be fired on the 5th and 20th of every month. Once the project has been completed, students are welcome to come back in during studio hour to paint at our student discount rate of $3.

Clay Wheel Class

 We Offer Clay Wheel Classes! Learn how to work on a wheel and create your own plate, bowl, mug, vase, or anything of your choosing, the possibilities are endless! Your piece will be half-fired to a ceramic piece that will be ready to paint! We provide clay and supplies; you only have to bring yourself and your own creativity! It’s not your artistic ability; it’s your desire to learn that counts!

Thursday: Canvas

 Canvas 12×12

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*Classes must be booked 24 hours in advance*

Walking School Bus

Join our Walking School Bus. This is offered to all children attending our After School Art Classes. Our seasoned counselor will be picking up the children and walking them down to the studio. Each parent must fill out the proper forms and introduce children to our counselor. Click the link above to reserve your child’s spot.